Hospital Service

There are many general hospitals and specialist clinics in Daejeon. General hospitals are equipped with cutting edge medical facilities and are able to perform various medical treatments. As large hospitals have a substantial number of patients, waiting time for treatment is typically long. At smaller specialist clinics, where care is often easier to obtain as no appointments is required, there are generally one or two doctors on hand to provide treatments on specific medical areas, such as internal medicine or pediatrics. These small clinics can be found in your neighborhood.

How to reserve a hospital appointment

Reservation is needed for prompt and convenient service. It is available by visiting, by telephone or on the hospital's or clinic's Internet Website.

Medical Fee

Most hospitals accept credit cards, and payment is processed by the administration department of a hospital. For a hospital with an international medical center in operation, foreigners can make a payment at this separate facility. Generally, most General Hospitals can issue English language receipt on request. Depending on insurance membership, the fee differs, and insurance overseas may not be applied depending hospital. Also there is a case that medical fee is paid in advance and can be returned through the payment application procedure.