Obligatory Declarations

Notification of Change in Alien Registration

A registered foreigner who changes his/her place of residence must report to the District Office or the Immigration Office within 14 days from its occurrence.

  • Change of name, gender, date of birth or nationality
  • Change of passport number, issuance date, or expiration date
  • Change of the organization or group (including its name) that a foreigner with the following status of residence belongs to: Culture/Arts (D-1), Overseas Study (D-2), General Training (D-4), Foreign Press/Correspondents (D-5), Religious Works (D-6), Supervisor (D-7), Business Investment (D-8), or International Trade (D-9)
Application period
  • Foreigners who have made any of the aforementioned changes must report to their local immigration office within 14 days of its occurrence. A fine is imposed on failure to report any status changes.
Required documents
  • Passport and Alien Registration Card, Declaration Form, and documents that verify such change
Notice of change of address

When a registered foreigner changes his/her place of stay, he/she must notify the Immigration Office or the District Office of the new location within 14 days of the moving date.

5 District Offices of Daejeon
5 District Offices of Daejeon
District Office Location Web-site Tel.
Dong-gu Dong-gu Gao-dong (Cheong-ro 147) http://www.donggu.go.kr 251-4114
Jung-gu Jung-gu Daeheung-dong, 499-1 (Jungang-ro 100) http://www.djjunggu.go.kr 606-6114
Seo-gu Seo-gu Dunsan-dong 1300 (Dunsan Seo-ro 100) http://www.seogu.go.kr 288-2114
Yuseong-gu Yuseong-gu Noeun -dong 109 (Daehak-ro 211) http://www.yuseong.go.kr 611-2114
Deedok-gu Daeduk-gu Ojeong-dong 520 (Daejeon-ro 1033 Gil 20) http://www.daedeok.go.kr 608-6114
Required Documents
  • Change of Address Report Form, passport, alien registration card, document proving the place of stay.
  • Failure to report within 14 days will result in a fine.
  • Daejeon Immigration Office (※ English website available)
    • The Daejeon Immigration Office has the authority to grant permission of sojourn, extension of stay, and any changes in the status of sojourn. This office also investigates those foreigners who are suspected of having violated immigration laws and has the power to deport these offenders. Foreigners staying in Korea for more than 91 days from the date of entry must register with the local immigration office based on their address. There are also offices located at all airports and seaports, which have the power to grant permission of entry.
    • Address : 150 Mokdong-gil, Jung-gu, Daejeon Metropolitan City1
    • Jurisdiction :
      • Daejeon Metropolitan City
      • Sejong-City
      • Chungcheongnam-do Province
        (※ except Seosan City, Taean-gun, Dangjin-gun, Hongseong-gun, and Boryeong Harbor)
      • Yeongdong-gun and Okcheon-gun in Chungcheonbuk-do
        (※ except Oecheon-ri, Buyong-myeon, and Cheongwon-gun)
    • Tel. : 042-220-2001, Fax : 042-255-0496
    • Areas of Service : Visa, sojourn, residence, nationality, investigation, certificate issuance, etc.
    • For more information : http://immigration.go.kr, www.hikorea.go.kr