Living in Daejeon

Special Foods

Tofu Doruchigi
Tofu Doruchigi images
Tofu Doruchigi is one of traditional food of Chungcheong province. Tofu is grilled in a red paper sauce. This food is popular as a desert for alcohol. You can add more flavor by putting noddles. Kalgutsu with clam and good soup, traditional Kalguksu, Seafood Kalguksu.
Restaurant Address Tel
Jinroo 314-1 Daeheung-dong Jung-gu 042-226-0914
Gwangchun 56 Sunhwa-dong Jung-gu 042-226-4751
Kalguksu images
Daejeon has famous restaurants of kalguksuin various taste of spicy, with clams, hand made noodles, seafood, and with meat.
Restaurant Address Tel
Gongju 634 Tanbang-dong, Seo-gu 042-472-6194
Sindo 30-16 Jung-dong, Dong-gu 042-253-6799
Daesun 163-1 Daeheong-dong, Jung-gu 042-222-0316
Deongchon 1439 Dunsan-dong, Seo-gu 042-485-9940