Living in Daejeon

Local Foods

Gujeuk Dotorimuk (acorn jelly)

Gujeuk Dotorimuk images

Gujeuk Muk Town was created in the early 1980's to provide an opportunity for farmers to earn money, especially in the winter when work was not available. This town has become known as a great place to eat muk (acorn jelly). You can add more flavors by slicing the muk and put juice with Kimchi and sea weed.

Restaurant Tel Restaurant Tel
Halmoney 042)935-5842 Gujeuk 042)935-2016
Sangoal 042)935-9900 Baenamoo 042)935-4654
Solbat 042)935-5686 Halmae 042)935-9909
Choiga 042)934-5734 Sanmit Halmoney 042)935-2947
Leeseobang 042)935-1517

Sutgol Naengmyeon (Sutgol's cold buckwheat noodles)

Sutgol Naengmyeon images

Sutgol's cold noodle soup follows the same cooking recipe of the traditional 'Pyeongyang Hamheung cold noodle soup'. The noodles are added to chicken broth and the juice from white salted radishes (a different kind of kimchi), giving it a refreshing taste.

  • Sutgolwon Naegmyeon
  • 136-2 Shinseong-dong, Yuseong-gu
  • ☎ 042-861-3287

Samgyetang (chicken stew with glutinous rice and ginseng)

Samgyetang images

Cooked with chicken, ginseng and Chinese dates, Samgyetang gives a uniquely mild and smooth taste. It is also easy to digest. It is a good nutritional supplement for old and weak people, but everyone, young and old, seems to enjoy it.

Restaurant Address Tel
Jangsoochoen 442 Sangseo-dong Daedeok-gu 042)934-7510
Gyorye Hanbang 360-10 Jangdae-dong Yuseong-gu 042)823-2330
GuguJyeonbok 151-13 Beere-dong Daedeok-gu 042)623-9952
GuguJyeonbok 32-32 Gajang-dong Seo-gu 042)534-5292
Geumsan 293-1 Gayang-dong Dong-gu 042)626-5056
Geumsung 32-6 Jung-dong Dong-gu 042)254-3422
Byeolcheonji 364-41 Daebyeol-dong Dong-gu 042)271-0207
Beeregoal 287-6 Beoub-dong Daedeok-gu 042)634-5363
Jeuntong 140-22 Sunhwa-dong Jung-gu 042)256-7755
Changwon 448-20 Gayang-dong Dong-gu 042)672-7715
Puengjeun 681 Tanbang-dong Seo-gu 042)484-4411
Hanbat 486-8 Ojung-dong Daedeokgu 042)636-3690
Dolsotbap (boiled rice mixed with vegetables)
Dolsotbap images
Dolsotbap is made with rice and chestnuts, jujubes, and ginkgo nuts in a stone pot. It is delicious and nutritious.
Restaurant Address Tel
Mujeegae 1332 Dunsan-dong Seo-gu 042)488-5600
Wangchun 342 Manniun-dong Seo-gu 042)471-0035
Guibin 349 Manniun-dong Seo-gu 042)488-3340
Guibin 747 Gwanpyeong-dong Yuseong-gu 042)936-2191
Dotorinamoo 1380-1 Dunsan-dong Seo-gu 042)486-3811
SooraHeukmi 1059 Galma-dong Seo-gu 042)533-8925
Yangban 657-2 Banseok-dong Yuseong-gu 042)825-1890
LeeGyewon 343 Manniun-dong Seo-gu 042)476-0066
Seolleongtang (ox bone stew and boiled rice)
Seolleongtang images
Seolleongtang is prepared by boiling beef bones and meat for a long time and then putting some beef into the broth. It is especially delicious when eaten with the Korean traditional side dish called 'kkakttugi,' a type of kimchi using radish.
Restaurant Address Tel
Shinchon Seolleongtang 1-182 Munhwa-dong, Jung-gu 042)254-6350
Shinchon Seolleongtang 2 291 Mannyeon-dong, Seo-gu 042)489-2321
Hyesungoak 410-3 Jungri-dong Daedeok-gu 042)673-4895
Nheutinamoo 535-7 Bongmyeong-dong Yuseong-gu 042)822-1212

Daechungho river water Maeuntang

Daechungho river water Maeuntang images

Geumgang Soogari is famous for its great taste which was also used and cooked in Chosun dynasty king’s palace. After the completion of construction of Daechung dam, many restaurants of fresh water fish soup opened around the area.

  • Galbat (238-8 Galjun-dong, Daedeok-gu) ☎042-932-3872
  • Yahuo (240-14 Samjung-dong, Daedeok-gu) ☎042-932-0661