Living in Daejeon


Ride in the comfort of the Daejeon City Tour Bus and explore the city! A knowledgeable and experienced tour guide will lead you through the most important sights and provide detailed information to satisfy your curiosity.


  • Tour Programs: Science Tour (available from Tues to Sun), Eco-system (available Tues, Thurs, and Sat), Historical and Cultural Tour (available on Wed, Fri, and Sun)Night Tours are available between April and October on Saturday evening (one tour per day). Number of Tour Buses Available:
    Route : there are four intercity tour bus routes, and with reservation up to 34 tour options can be offered.
    Tel: (for reservation) ☎253-0005
    Station : you can find city tour bus at Daejeon station, but for a special tour rote with prior reservation you may depart from Seo daejeon station.

City Tour Bus Fee

Age Fee
Adult 3,000 won
Teen 2,000 won
Disabled 1,000 won
Below five Free