Living in Daejeon


Geological Museum

Geological Museum images

This museum, the first of its kind in Korea, features displays of geological specimens including fossils and minerals. The museum has several exhibition halls dedicated to particular themes: the history of the earth, fossils and evolution, humans and geology, rocks and geological structures, minerals and human beings, the environment and geology. A theater on the second floor offers a 30 minute documentary three times a day. The film is about the birth of life on the earth, the extinction of the dinosaurs, and earthquakes, all of which are described in layman’s terms.

Currency Museum

Currency Museum images

This museum offers visitors a chance to see the history of the currency and stamps of Korea as well as that of other countries in Asia and the West. Visitors can learn about history and the world economy through currencies.

  • Location: 80-67 Gwahakro, Yuseong-gu
  • Website :
  • Telephone: (042) 802-1000
  • Inter - city Bus Route: 301, 318, 604
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Daejeon Seonsa Museum

Daejeon Seonsa Museum images

This museum provides visitors with a fascinating look at the Daejeon region in prehistoric times. This museum is a two-story building with five exhibition galleries.

  • Location: 126 Noeun-dong, Yu-seong gu
  • Website :
  • Tel: (042) 826-2814~5
  • Subway stop: Noeun station
  • Inter-city bus routes: 101, 109, 114, 116, 1212012-11-23
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Hanbat Museum of Education

Hanbat Museum of Education images

The Hanbat Museum of Education, located at Samseong-dong, Dong-gu, has a collection of 6,000 educational materials. One can view the history of Korean education at a glance here.

  • Location: 96 Uamlo, Dong-gu
  • Website :
  • Telephone: (042) 626-5394
  • Inter-city bus routes: 101, 201, 202, 314, 501, 512, 606, 611, 613, 616, 705, 711, 802
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Daejeon History Museum

Daejeon History Museum images

Daejeon History Museum features displays of relics that were discovered at Do-ahn construction site and also gained from private donation.

You can learn the history of Daejeon from the Pre-historic times to Choseon Dynesty. The museum has several exhibition halls dedicated to particular themes with outdoor exhibitions.

  • Location : Do-ahn Ave. Yuseong-gu 398
  • Website :
  • Tel : 270-8606~10
  • Bus route : 106,115,312,706,11 (Name of the bus stop: Humansia 10th Danji Apt)
- Opening hours: 10:00~18:00 (November to February) and 10:00~19:00 (March to October)
※ Entrance accepted 30minutes prior to closing hours
- Closing dates : Every Monday, New Year’s Day, National holidays, and other
- Entrance Fee: complimentary