Living in Daejeon

Non-profit International Centers

Daejeon International Community Center

The city of Daejeon opened this center to help foreign visitors and residents to understand Korean culture and learn the Korean language. The center is supported by the municipal government but it is a privately-operated entity. Programs and services offered here include counseling, information on tourism and culture, a meeting room for foreigners, and Korean language classes.

International Exchange Center of Korea

The International Exchange Center arranges home-stays for foreign visitors, provides a language volunteers corps for translation, and sponsors various cultural exchange programs, language classes, and arts troupes.

  • Location : 7th floor Hanseong Bldg, 223-5 Seonhwa-dong, Jung-gu, Daejeon
  • Website :
  • Telephone : (042) 254-7793
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SEM(Scientists & Engineers Members) International

SEM International is a Christian Volunteer Organization composed of 150 volunteers aiming to help foreign visitors. It started in 1995 by teaching foreign visitors the Korean language. Currently, it covers various activities including language classes and cultural understanding, friendship building parties, and field trips. They also visit prisons to help foreign inmates.

Daejeon Migrants Support Center

Not only does the Center provide free medical counseling, free legal counseling, job-seeking services, human rights and religious counseling for foreign workers, but it also offers free places for rest and gatherings. The Center also works to guarantee foreign workers' living rights through various educational activities and volunteer work.

  • Location : 16-2 Daehwa-dong, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon
  • Website :
  • Telephone : (042) 631-6242
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Emergeny Support Center for Migrant Women / 1577-1366

It is a center open 365 days a year and 24 hours a day to provide shelter to migrant women who suffered family violence, sex trafficking and violence. One can receive counseling on sustaining life in Daejeon including legal matters of visa, acquisition of nationality and immigration procedure.

International Friendship Center

The IFC aims to help migrant workers, foreign students, and foreign women married to Korean men to learn Korean and understand Korean culture. The Center also offers counseling on various issues including medical problems, welfare, and volunteer services. Its activities include providing regular medical check-ups, haircutting services, sports activities and computer classes.

  • Location: 143-31 Yongdu-dong, Jung-gu
  • Telephone : (042) 223~0774
  • qrcode

Daejeon Association with Foreign Workers

It provides services of recruitment information, medical treatment, residence, Korean class, Sport, survey and cultural events.

  • Location : 31-43 Daehwa dong, Daedeok gu, Daejeon Metropolitan City
  • Tel : (042) 621-8810

Guide to Foreign Residents and Support Center

Department Name Address Telephone
Association Daejeon International Exchange Center 77-2 Joowon Building 4, Jung-dong, Dong-gu 223-0789
Daejeon City Multi-cultural Family Support Center 767 Gwanpyeong-dong, Yuseong-gu 252-9997
Dong-gu Multi-cultural Family Support Center 155-3 Woosong University Library Jayang-dong, Dong-gu 630-9945
Jung-gu Multi-cultural Family Support Center 290-11 Sunhwa-dong, Jung-gu 223-7959
Daedeok-gu, Multi-cultural Family Support Center Third Floor, 74 Catholic Social Support Center, Ojeong-dong, Daedeok--gu 639-2664
Foreing Resident Support Center International Students Dormitory 3-1 Doryong-dong, Yuseoung-gu, Daedeok-gu 480-9981
Daejeon Immigrant Worker Association 3-3 Labor worker total support center, Daehwa-dong, Daedeok-gu 672-2979
Meeting with immigrant workers 31-43 Daehwa-dong, Daedeok-gu 621-8894
SEM(International Science Technology Corporation) Third Floor Daedeok high technology building, 399-8 Daehwa-dong, Daedeok-gu 863-1713
International Friendship Center(IFC) 143-4 Yongdu-dong, Jung-gu 223-0774
Daejeon immigrant total support center 114-12 Eunhang-dong, Jung-gu 631-6242
Immigrant women emergent support center 240 Walpyeong-dong, Seo-gu 488-2979
Daejeon immigrant women human rights center Third floor, 18-3 Eunhang-dong, Jung-gu 222-6242
Daejeon YWCA 445-4 Daeheung-dong, Jung-gu 254-3035
Against family violence counseling office 10-17 Sungnam-dong, Don-gu 625-5446
North Korean Defectors Corporation 475-4 Songchun-dong, Daedeok-gu 286-8122
community center Daejeon education office dong-bu multi-cultural center 0 Haehwa building thrid floor, 442 Daeheung-dong, Jung-gu 253-7588
Mokwon University research center for association of multi-cultural personals to the society 21 Mokwon road, Seo-gu 829-7288
Daejeon education office multi-cultural family center Baksin building #533, Doma-dong, Seo-gu Pai chai university 520-5996
Daedong total society support center 1-35 Daedong, Dong-gu 673-8337
Daejeon Christian total support center 27 Monhwa-dong, Jung-gu 586-1500
Bupdong total community support center 9 Maebong road, Daedeok-gu 633-0239
Yongeun total community support center 459 Yongeun-dong, Dong-gu 284-5717
Walpyeong total community support center 218 Walpyeong 2dong, Seo-gu 484-6181
Jungchun community support center 128-1 Jungchun-dong, Jung-gu 221-2577
Pamam community support center 314 Paman-dong, Dong-gu 285-1005
Daedeok total community support center 48-2 Deokam-dong, Daedeok-gu 936-7343
Life total community support center 239 Pamam-dong, Dong-gu 283-9190