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International Divorce in Korea

There are two types of divorce in Korea. One is divorce by agreement, the other is judicial divorce.

Divorce by Agreement

The parties seeking a divorce by agreement should mutually agree to divorce. Prior to filing for the divorce, the two parties are required to attend a counseling session at the Family Court. For those without children, the waiting (or “cooling down”) period is 1 month from the date the papers are filed; while for those with children, this period is 3 months. ※ The couple is notified by the Family Court of a date when a meeting with a judge is arranged. After meeting the judge and discussing the surrounding circumstance, the judge will issue his or her ruling. The divorced couple will be given a copy of all the documents each, and one party must report it to the Gu (District) office to validate the divorce.

According to Civil Act, Article 217, divorces between a Korean national and a foreign national that have taken place abroad are legitimate in Korea, and shall have the same jurisdiction. A report of the divorce must be translated and the reported for it to be valid.