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Child care

Child Care Facility

Before entering compulsory education, children may attend a day care center, kindergarten or other child care facilities, such as a nursery.

Nursery, or “Children House”

  • This facility offers care to children from as young as a few months old to 5 years. It is often called a “Children House”.
  • This type of facility typically operate between 7: 30 AM and 7: 30 PM during the week. Depending on the minders, 24-hour or weekend care may be arranged.
  • Monthly fee for a nursery varies according to the age of the child and the types of the facility, but is usually within the range of 17∼390,000 won.


  • Kindergartens are an educational facility that accepts children from the age of three to five.
  • The operating hours are usually from 9 AM to 2 PM, though they also have after-school care service for children whose parents are at work.
  • Tuition fee for a public kindergarten is around 2~50,000 won a month, while private ones are more expensive, with monthly fees between18~250,000 won.

Child Care Subsidies and Financial Assistance

Depending on the income level of the families, subsidies may be available for child care.

  • Subsidy for a child aging 0 to 2
    • This financial assistance is given to release economic burden of registering a child to daycare center.
    • From March 2012, regardless of income rate, government subsidizes the child’s total fee for the daycare center.
  • Financial Support for Children Aged 3~4
    • The subsidy has been extended to children of parents whose average monthly income is within the bottom 70%.
  • Financial Support for Children Aged 5
    • To provide childcare and education in better quality, daycare center and kindergarten system will be synthesized.
  • Stay-at Home Children Parents who choose to keep their children at home(within 36 months after birth) may receive a financial allowance of 10-200,000 won if their monthly income is below 1,800,000 won.


Multi-cultural Family

  • Eligibility
    • Children aged 0-5 years from a multi-cultural family according to the「multi-cultural family support Act」, Article 2, Clause 1.
  • Qualification
    • support is provided regardless of the parents’ income level
  • Subsidy amount
    • vary according to the age of the child.
More details may be requested from your local community center.