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My child’s health is secured by a vaccination. The shot makes immunity system against virus. Korean government states vaccinations below mandatory.

Government recommendation list for vaccination

Vaccinations recommended by government are to prevent infectious diseases including BCG, Hepatitis B, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio, measles, epidemic parotitis, Japanese encephalitis, chickenpox, influenza, typhoid, and hemorrhagic fevers. Those vaccinations are available in health center and medical institutes.

other vaccination

Other vaccinations to take attention are BCG, Japanese encephalitis, Haemophilus B, Influenza, encephalomeningitis, and Hepatitis A. You may get vaccine shot after consulting a specialist.


Vaccinations protect babies from contagious diseases by developing their immunity.

Precautions before receiving vaccinations

  • Make sure the required vaccinations are received in the morning, as this will make it easier to return to the hospital if there are problems.
  • Take the baby’s immunization records when you visit the doctor or the community health center. Be sure to keep a good record.
  • Make sure the child does not have a fever.
  • Give the child a bath prior to the vaccination, and dress the child in clean clothes.
  • Make sure the parent who is the most knowledgeable of the child’s health takes the child to clinic.

Precautions after receiving vaccinations:

  • Rub the skin with the alcohol pad provided for about 5 minutes to ensure an even spread of the vaccine.
  • Do not give the child a bath afterwards.
  • Keep the vaccinated area clean.
  • Observe the child closely for three hours after the vaccination.
  • If the child develops a fever or experiences convulsions, go to the doctor immediately.

Types of Vaccinations and Vaccination Dates

When one has not gotten the vaccine shot on standard schedule, one must check with the health center or hospital for a change.

Contagious disease Vaccine 0 month 1 2 4 6 12 15 18 24 36 4 years 6 years 11 years 12 years
National mandatory vaccinations Tuberculosis BCG 1st
Hepatitis B HepB 1st 2nd 3rd
Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis DTaP 1st 2nd 3rd additional 4th additional 5th
Td / Tdap Additional 6th
Polio IPV 1st 2nd 3rd additional 4th
Measles, epidemic mumps, German measles MMR 1st 2nd
Chicken pox Var 1st
Japanese encephalitis JEV 1st~3nd 4th 5th
Influenza Flu Every once a year(Priority group to be vaccinated)
Flu Every once a year(Limited to high-risk babies)
Typhoid fever Injection Limited to high-risk babies
Additional vaccinations Tuberculosis BCG once
Haemophilus Hb, Influenza, encephalomeningitis ⑪ PRP-T / HbOC 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
PRP-OMP 1차 2차 3rd 4th
Pegu Virus PCV 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
PPSV Limited to high-risk babies
Rota Virus Rotavirus 1st 2nd
Rota Virus 1st 2nd 3rd
Japanese encephalitis JEV 1st ~ 2nd 3rd
Hepatitis A HepA 1st ~2nd
human papilloma virus 2/4 ga 1st ~ 3rd
  • National Mandatory Vaccination : State government manages the vaccination program (The country according to state law regarding prevention and management of contagious disease decides standard and method to treat the disease and to find vaccination, and encourages the medical faculty to follow the details)
  • Additional Vaccination : There are more vaccination available other than the national mandatory vaccinations
  • Basic Vaccination : to get certain defense immunity in short period
  • Additional Vaccination : to keep the immunity for long term, the vaccination is given several times in certain period
    • BCG: given within 4 weeks after birth
    • Hepatitis B : A pregnant woman when found positive of Hepatitis B (HBsAg) should given the immunity globulin HBIG and Hepatitis B vaccination within 12 hours of childbirth, then the 2nd and 3rd Hepatitis B vaccination is given a month or 6 months later.
    • DTaP(Diphtheria, tatanus, whooping cough): DTaP-IPV is a vaccination for all the Diphtheria, tatanus, and whooping cough.
    • Td / Tdap: Recommended to get additional vaccination either Td or Tdap when reached age 11-12 years old.
    • Polio : The 3rd vaccination should be given from 6 moths to 18 months after birth can be given DTaP-IPV. ※DTaP-IPV(Diphtheria, tatanus, whooping cough, Polio)
      • 2, 4, 6 months after birth, to 4~6years old child instead of DTaP, IPV vaccination DTaP-IPV can be given. In this case, the 3rd shot should be given product by the same manufacture company from the previous two shots, but this can be disregarded for DTaP to baby 15~18 months after birth.
  • Measles: When prevalent, MMR vaccination can be given to babies 6~11months after birth, one should be given the MMR shot again after 12 months.
  • Japanese encephalitis (salk vaccine): Twice in 7-30 days period 12~23months after birth, and the 3rd vaccination is given 12 months after the 2nd vaccination.
  • Influenza(salk vaccine): Once every year for 6~59months old young child. In the first year, vaccination is given twice a year in a month period, then once every year (yet, if the child is given influenza vaccination once in the first year, he or she should be given twice in one month period the next year)
  • Influenza(sabin vaccine): Available 24 months after vaccination, young child 24~59months old can get vaccination twice in one month period in the first year, then once every year (yet, when the child is given the influenza vaccination shot once in the first year, then he or she must be given the vaccination twice in a month for every month the next year)
  • Typhoid : recommended to get vaccine shot when contacted a typhoid patient or traveled the disease prevalent area
  • Hemophilus influenzae B : vaccination recommended for all 2months to 5 years old children. If one is over age 5 and when the risk of infection to Hemophilus influenzae B is high, one may get the vaccination (symptoms are meniscocytosis, splenectomy, anticancer treatment, leukemia, HIV, and low immunity in blood)
  • Pegu virus (protein bound): all children 2months to 5years old may get the vaccination. The protein bound vaccination 10ga should not be given in combination of the 13ga vaccination.
  • Pegu virus (LPS): A child above age 2 with infection to high risk Pegu virus may be given the vaccination, consultation with a specialist is mandatory. ※ High risk Pegu virus infection
    • young child with low immunity : HIV, chronic heart failure, patient suffering illness that requires to use immuno-suppressive drug or radiation treatment (malignant tumor, leukemia, lymphoma) or organ transplant and congenital mal immunity disease
    • functional or anatomical asplenia : anemia or haemoglobin, asplenia or spleen impaired functioning
    • immunity function is normal but with such illness : chronic heart failure, chronic lung failure, diabetes, cerebrospinal fluid leaking, after cochlear implant
  • Japanese encephalitis(sabin vaccine): 1st vaccination 12~23months after birth, and 2nd vaccination 12months after the 1st vaccination
  • Hepatitis A: 1st vaccination 12months after birth and additional vaccination 6~18months later (timeline differs per vaccine)
  • human papilloma virus: human papilloma virus 2ga and 4ga are not recommended to be given at once.

Vaccination in the Community Health Center

Local Community Health Centers provide free vaccination for critical illnesses. One is recommended to bring along the health management pocket book, issued by the center, when visiting the center. Additionally, the centers offer programs such as check-up for children, infant development test, dental service, optical service, supports for premature babies and infants with birth defects, help for mother, and consultation for infertility. However, different centers will offer different programs. You are advised to call and check with the center first before visiting one.

Center Address 예Telephone
Seo-gu Center 10 Bogeonso-gil Seos-gu, Mannyeon-dong 042-611-5367,5369
Dong-gu Center Dong-gu Dong gu Cheong ro 147 (Gao-dong) 042-251-6148
Jung-gu Center 178 Sanseong-no, Jung-gu, Munhwa-dong 042-580-2717
Yuseong-gu Center 47 Jangteo 2-gil, Yuseong-gu, Jangdae-dong 042-611-5104
Daedeok-gu Center 10 Manggo 5-gil, Daedeok-gu, Seokbong-dong 042-608-5483
Please refer to their homepage for vaccination