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Pregnancy and Childbirth

Medical checkups for expectant mothers

1) Recommended Checkups for expectant mothers

The following are the general medical examinations that expectant mothers should have:

Blood Test General Blood Test Hemoglobin, red blood cells, white blood cells, AIDS, and rubella are checked.
Blood type test Blood type and Rh factor are checked.
Syphilis Test Prenatal death and syphilis are checked.
Hepatitis test Checks for Hepatitis. If the mother is infected, the baby stands at a higher risk of being infected too.
Urine test Sugar and proteins are check for preeclampsia. Urinary tract infection is also checked.
Ultrasonography Growth and development, location, and malformation of the fetus are checked

2) Health Center Service on Pregnancy and Childbirth

Various health, medical services and use of medical facility are provided to registered pregnant women to health center for check up of herself and the infant.

  • Support to the married couple with sterility
    • The government supports a married couple with sterility on two people household income of 5.25 million won which is 150% reduction of average income in making artificial insemination.
  • Health supplements of iron and folic acid tonic to the pregnant
    • The government supports registered pregnant women in 5 months of pregnancy health supplements of iron tonic and pregnant women over age 35 with 3 months of pregnancy folic acid tonic.
  • Education program
    • The government provides education sessions in topic of pregnancy, prenatal education, childbirth, breast-feeding, and how to keep an infant healthy, and it lends breast pump.
  • A helper for the mother and infant
    • The government manages to send a helper to a house with new born baby (for two weeks, 12 days) who will provide services in diet for the mother, breast therapy, exercise, and bathing the infant to four people household income of 2,19 million won which is 50% below average income. In order to receive this service, one must register to the dong health center before 40 days or within 30 days of childbirth. ※ One of the spouse should carry a Korean nationality in order to qualify for the service (the couple should have insurance).

  • Supports of Nutrition tonic
    • The program of provides supplements after session and counseling to pregnant women and infant found having trouble in nutrition (anemia, low weight, lacking growth, mal nutrition status) Household with income below 200% of average four household income which is 2,99million won. Health centers in corresponding district manages the counseling and registration.

3) Childbirth support service

  • Pregnancy and Childbirth treatment expanse support
    • A pregnant woman with health insurance can get 500 thousand won treatment subsidy after having registered to National Health Insurance Corporation (1577-1000). * Pregnancy with twins will get subsidy worth 700 thousand won
  • Support in childbirth
    • A registered personal who has delivered baby in house or on the way to hospital can get subsidy worth 250 thousand won.
  • Disabled woman for childbirth subsidy
    • The 1st to 3rd rated disabled women who deliver baby can register to dong community center and get subsidy worth 1 million won.
  • A helper for the disabled woman after childbirth
    • Disabled women in low income household can get helper service for pregnancy, childbirth, and raising up infant. ※For registration : Daejeon Welfare Center for the Disabled(540-3541), Dong-gu Mil-al Welfare Center (627-0900), Yu-seong gu Welfare Center for the Disabled(820-6833), Dae-deok gu Welfare Center for the Disabled(637-8848)
  • Health center service for young infant
    • The program supplies treatment fee for premature baby, baby with congenital abnormality, and metabolic disorder, and also subsidize diagnosis fee of deafness at early stage to infant from below average income household. One can regsiter at local health center.