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National Health Insurance

Republic of Korea has a national health insurance program that charges certain insurance bill depending on the income. When one enrolls to the insurance program, one can have access to medical agency with relatively less expense and get regular check-up service.


  • There are two categories of employment insurance and regional insurance.

    One who is a registered foreign resident and enrolled to the employment insurance at corresponding work place falls under the employment insurance program. One who is a registered foreign resident, but one does not qualify for the employment insurance falls under the regional insurance program. On this case only the foreign residents who have resided in the country for more than three months qualify. A foreign resident who has not resided in the country over three months, but he or she has the proof of overstay to the period due to the guarantee of study and employment may qualify to enroll to the regional insurance program.

  • visa-qualification for regional insurance

    Cultural Arts(D-1), Study Abroad(D-2), Industrial Training(D-3), General Training(D-4), Journalism(D-5), Religious Affairs(D-6), Supervisory Intra-Company Transfer(D-7), Corporate Investment(D-8), Trade Management(D-9), Professorship(E-1), Foreign Language Instructor(E-2), Research(E-3), Technology Transfer(E-4), Professional Employment(E-5), Arts&Performances(E-6), Special Occupation(E-7), Research Employement(E-8), Non-professional Employment(E-9), Vessel Crew(E-10), Family Visitation(F-1), Residential(F-2), Dependent Family(F-3), Resident Abroad(F-4), Permanent Residence(F-5).

Acquiring the qualification and following application

  • Acquiring Date
    • after the registration of foreign residence
    • after the report of residence
  • Application Procedure
    • One must apply to Daejeon regional office of National Health Insurance Corporation
    • Required documents : certificate of foreign residence or certificate of residence, income invoice
    • National Health Insurance Corporation Call Center: 02-390-2000

Insurance Premium Criteria

  • The corporate insurance rate is applied to foreign employees working in companies
  • The average regional rate is applied to foreigners without an income or whose income is difficult to verify. (30% discount is applied to students.)
  • Insurance rates for F-1 and F-2 visa holders are identical to Korean nationals and are calculated based on income and property.
  • Insurance premium reduction for foreigners
    • Students (D-2, C-9) : 50%
    • Religious workers (D-6) : 30%
    • Permanent residents : 10~50%
For more information on health insurance, please visit the National Heal the Insurance Corporation Website: