Living in Daejeon

Medical Services for Foreign Residents

Medical Centers at University Hospitals

  • Medical Center of Chungnam National University Hospital
    • The Medical Center is located in the Family Medicine Department. Medical counseling is available in English, Chinese and Japanese.
      • Telephone : 042-280-7114 / 042-280-8429(English Line)
  • International Health Service Center of Eulji University Hospital
    • The IHSC opened on June 23, 2004 with the aim of meeting the needs of 34,000 foreign residents in Daejeon and the surrounding areas. The IHSC has four medical doctors (specializing in endocrinology, surgery and rheumatism), nurses, and translators who speak English, Japanese and Chinese.
      • Tel. (042) 611-3000 / 042-611-3399 (English available)
  • International Clinic Center of Sun General Hospital
    • The International Clinic Center of Sun General Hospital opened in January 2004 to meet the medical needs of foreigners. There are eight medical doctors specializing in orthopedics, internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, and gynecology. There are also nurses who can speak English and other foreign languages.
      • Telephone: 042-220-8000 / 042-220-8060, 8049(available in English)
  • Konyang International Health Care Center
    • KIHCC opened in November 2008 with the aim of providing medical services to foreigners. Doctors and nurses who are able to speak English, Japanese or German, as well as staff members with a good command of Chinese or Vietnamese are available to help foreigners with their medical needs. The center also offers tailored services for patients so that they can receive treatment within 24 hours of an emergency. Appointments can be made by fax, e-mail or through their website. In emergency, patients can simply call ahead of their arrival to the hospital.
      • Telephone: 600-9999 / 9028(available in English)
      • Mobile: 010-5043-9978

Free Clinics at the Migrant Workers Center

The Migrant Workers Center provides free western, oriental and dental treatments for foreign workers.

  • Consultation: 2 pm ~ 5 pm every Sunday
  • Venue: Jung-gu Eunhaeng dong 114-12
  • Treatment Areas: western medicine, oriental medicine, dentistry and pharmaceutical needs
  • Telephone: 631-6242

Agape Medical service Center for Foreigners(AMCF)

  • Consultation: 2 pm ~ 5 pm every Sunday
  • Venue: Dong-gu, Joong-dong 61-4
  • Treatment Areas: general physical examination, vaccination, endoscopy, western medicine, oriental medicine, dentistry and pharmaceutical needs
  • Telephone: 010-5424-0582

Free Medical Treatment for Foreigners

  • Eligibility : medical treatment subsidy is available to foreigners who are not covered by any of the health care systems, such as foreign homeless personals, workers and their children, female migrants who have married Korean nationals awaiting naturalization, refugee, and their children.
  • Coverage: Full coverage, up to 5 million won, for the entire hospitalization duration(When the total costs exceed 5 million won, support of up to 10 million won may be granted after internal review of the situation.)
  • Services : Inpatient treatments and same-day outpatient surgeries (before childbirth examination), One out patient treatment before hospitalization or surgery; and out-patient treatments after a major operation
  • Medical facilities that provide free treatments
Name Address Telephone
Chungnam National University Hospital 640 Daesa-dong, Jung-gu 280-7106
Daejeon St. Mary's Hospital 520-2 Daeheung-dong, Jung-gu 220-9974
Sun General Hospital 10-7 Mok-dong, Jung-gu 220-8053
Eulji University Hospital 1306 Dunsan-dong, Seo-gu 529-1247
Daejeon Jungang Hospital 285-3 Beop-dong, Daedeok-gu 670-5411

Emergency Calls

  • 119

    For emergency situations, call 119. The location of the caller is automatically detected, which allows for swift reaction by the rescue teams. In case of fire, a call to 119 will automatically alert the nearest fire station and fire trucks will be dispatched and emergency comprehensive countermeasures will be guided along with an ambulance for anyone injured.