Living in Daejeon


There are three kinds of trains currently in operation: the Korea Train Express(KTX), the Super-Express Saemaeul-ho and Express Mugunghwa-ho. Advance purchase is recommended on weekends and holiday, as tickets during these days tend to sell out quickly.

Daejeon Station
Daejeon Station images
Trains from Daejeon Station depart for Seoul, Gwangju, Dong East Daegu, Busan, Ulsan, and Pohang. It takes approximately 50 minutes to reach Seoul and 90 minutes for Busan on the KTX.
  • For lost and found at Daejeon Station, dial: 042)253-7441.
Seo-Daejeon Station
Seo-Daejeon Station images
Seo-daejeon Station provides train services to the Jeolla-do area.
  • Northbound destinations: Cheonan-Asan ⇒ Gwangmyeong ⇒ Yeongsan ⇒ Seoul(final stop destination)
  • Southbound lane and destination : Nonsan ⇒ Iksan ⇒ Kimjae ⇒ Jungeup ⇒ Gwangju ⇒ Naju ⇒ Mokpo
  • Telephone number of lost and found office at Daejeon station : 042)534-9357

Ticket Reservation

  • Telephone : 1544-7788, 1588-7788(Korean, English)
  • Website :

    ※ It's possible to make a ticket reservation on the website (English available). You need to give your passport number to reserve a ticket and you can pay with your credit card issued overseas.