Living in Daejeon


There are regular taxis, “mobum“ luxury taxis, call taxis and large jumbo taxis. But in Daejeon there are only regular taxis.

Taxis marked with “FREE INTERPRETATION” offer a free foreign language service in Chinese, English or Japanese.

Regular taxis

One may find taxis from the various taxi stations scattered around Daejeon, or simply flag one down that is marked “Empty” in red light from the side of a road. The current starting fare is 2,300won for the first 2km, and the total fare is calculated by the distance travelled and time taken. A late night rate with a 20% increase of the basic and subsequent fares is applicable from midnight to 4am.

“Mobum” luxury taxi

Commonly painted in black with a yellow cap, a free car phone service and the use of a credit card for payment are possible. Mobum taxi is often found in airports, hotels, and tourist sites. The starting fare is 4,500 won for the initial 3km.

Call taxi

A taxi may be ordered to pick up the passengers at a specific place and time without extra charge. There are Habit, Yangban, Hanbit S call taxi companies in Daejoen.

※ Hanbit Call Center 540-8282 / Yangban Call Center 586-8000 / Hanbat S Call Center 242-8800