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Inter-city Bus

Bus Travel

Buses are boarded at the front and exited from the door in the mid-section. If using a travel card, scan it over the card reader when boarding and disembarking. A cash box is next to the card reader for cash payment. Exact fare is not required as the bus driver gives change. The city of Daejeon has developed an intelligent transportation system, which informs the arrival time of the next available bus through a computer monitor installed at each bus stop.

Bus Fare

Type Passengers Fare(won) Travel Card(won)
City Bus Adults 1,200 1,100
Teenagers 900 750
Children 400 350
< Information>
- Emergency: (042)539-3210(Total Control Room)
- Main Operator: (042)539-3114 (day time), (042)539-3288 (night)
- Lost and Found Center: (042)539-3939 (located within the Daejeon Government Complex)
- Bicycle Information: (042)539-3226
- Cultural Events: (042)539-3213
- Information Center at Galma Station: (042)483-6113
  • With a travel card, a passenger may transfer on a different public transport mode for up to three times without extra charge, providing each transfer is made within 30 minutes from the last one.

    ※ Free Transfers : The travel card allows for up to three free transfers, providing each transfer is made within 30 minutes of the initial boarding or 30 minutes after disembarking. The travel card must be scanned at the end of each part of the journey for this to work.

    주의 Available Travel Cards: rechargeable travel cards and credit cards (Gookmin, BC, Samsung, Shinhan, Hyundai and Lotte)

  • Daejeon Bus Transportation Association :