Living in Daejeon


There is one subway line in Daejeon. The total length of the track is 20.51㎞ and there are 22 stations. Travel time for a complete (from one end to the other) journey is 40 minutes.

Subway Line Stations

Panam - Sinheung-Daedong-Daejeon Station-Jungangno-Junggu District Office-Seodaejeon Intersection-Oryong-Yongmun-Tanbang-City Hall- Government Complex Daejeon-Galma-Wolpyeong-Gapcheon-Yuseong Spa-Guam- National Cemetery-World Cup Stadium-Noeun-Jijok-Banseok

Subway Fare

Passenge Token Type Section 1 Section 2 Note
Adults(19~65) Travel Card 1,100 1,200
Regular Token 1,200 1,300 An additional 100 won is charged
3S card 1,200 1,300 An 8% discount
Teenagers(13~19) Travel Card 880 960 A 20% discount for use of adult transportation card
Regular Token 1,200 1,300 No discount
3S card 1,200 1,300 A 37% discount
Children(6~13) Regular token 550 600 A 50% discount
Discounted Token 600 650
The elderly aged 65 or more, the disabled, patriots, wounded soldiers, the wounded during the 5․18 democratic movement Complimentary No charge(100% discount)※ID must be presented
Operating Hours: 5:30~00:12 (Interval: every 10 min / rush hours: every 5 min) Daejeon Express Transit Corporation:
* English and Chinese available.