Living in Daejeon

Traffic Card

A travel card may be used on the subway, city buses and in taxis. The card fare is slightly lower than the cash fare, and up to three transfers on other public transportation mode are permitted within 30 minutes after checking out.

Types of Travel Card

There are two types of Hankkumi card and Character card. They are different in the method of payment. One is prepaid, and the other follows the deferred payment system.

Card Issuance

  • Pre-paid Type〈Unregistered Card〉
    • 'Hankkumi Card': fee 2,500 won
    • 'Character Card': fee 6,000~8,000won
    • This card must be charged before it can be used. - Sale and Charge : These cards can be purchased in subway stations, and charged in Hana Bank and convenience stores. Also accumulated points can be used towards the payment.
  • Deferred Payment TypeThis is a credit card embedded with a travel card issued by a bank. To be eligible for this card, a high credit rating is required.
    • There are a credit card and a check card types.
    • Credit card and check card are billed on a monthly basis.