Living in Daejeon


Mobile phones

  • Subscription method: visit a mobile phone shop for one of the service providers, SKT, KTF, and LGT, fill out a subscription form, and pay for the subscription and the mobile phone.
  • Documents required : ARC, passport, and bank account number to register or the monthly bill to be paid by direct debit.
  • Websites of the three mobile communication service providers:

Landline Telephone

  • Websites and phone numbers of landline service providers
    • Korea Telecom: (English, Chinese) → 100 (without area code)
    • SK Broadband: (English) → 106 (without area code)

      ※ Reminder

      • When applying for a landline, the ARC number and exact home address must be given to the service provider.
      • Installation fees and basic charges differ depending upon the service provider.
  • International phone calls
    • To make an international call you must enter the service code of the international phone call company you are using + the country code + the area code + phone number.
    • Major international phone call services providers (service codes):
      • Korea Telecom (001), Dacom (002), Onse Telecom (008), SK Telink (00700), Telecom (00365)

        ※ Each company offers different rates and discount packages. Up to 30-50% discounts are usually available for calls made in the early mornings or late evenings, and during holidays.

High-speed Internet

  • Subscription method: Call the internet service provider of choice to request for a connection. New subscription fees and monthly usage fees differ depending upon the service provider.
  • In general, less expensive monthly fees are available for longer contract periods.
  • Websites and phone numbers of major service providers