Living in Daejeon



  • 220 volts is the standard used for home appliances. Before moving to Korea, you should check the voltage of your appliances to make sure they are unable in Korea.
  • Electricity is provided solely by the Korea Electric Power Corporation(KEPCO). One may contact to them to set up a new account, report an incident, or enquire about a bill. ※ Korea Electric Power Corporation : Tel. 123 / [English version is available]


  • Most homes are installed with a central gas system, through the city’s gas pipelines provided by Chungnam Urban Gas, (☏ 1544-0009). Gas in an unoccupied home is cut off and must be reconnected by a qualified technician from Chungnam Urban Gas.
  • In some homes, central gas is not available. Instead, LP gas is used, which may be purchased in neighborhood shops. Technicians from these shops will also carry out installation work.


  • Water is available in almost very home. If water does not seem to run upon turning on the taps, check the water valves for pressure. ※ Emergency service call center : Tel. 121