Living in Daejeon

Staying in Korea and Acquiring Citizenship

  • Permit to remain in Korea
  • Registration
  • Obligatory Declarations
  • Acquiring Citizenship

Permit to remain in Korea

Types of Stay

  • There are three ways for expatriates to remain in Korea. These are short-term stay, long-term stay, and permanent residency.
    • Short-term stay: less than 90 days
    • Long-term stay: 91 days or longer
    • Permanent residency: no restriction on the period of stay
      • For long-term stay and permanent residency, expats are required to register as an alien(thus obtain an Alien Registration Card) or file a Domestic Residency Report within 90 days of arrival.

Scope of Activities

  • Expats who intend to work in Korea must obtain a relevant work visa, and is workplace specific.
  • Anyone wishing to extend their intended period of sojourn in Korea must apply for a permit.
  • In order to change the place of employment, one must report to the immigration office and obtain permission.

    Visas allow employment

    short-term employment(C-4), teaching(E-1), English conversation(E-2), research(E-3), technological guidance(E-4), journalism(E-5), the arts and performing arts(E-6), specific activities(E-7), training and employment(E-8), non-professional employment(E-9), inner harbor crew(E-10), residence(F-2), overseas Korean nationals(F-4), permanent residence(F-5), tourism employment or working holiday(H-1)

Extension of Sojourn

  1. 1. Application Period
    • Anyone wishing to remain in Korea beyond their visa expiry date must apply for an extension 2 months prior to the expiration.
    • Visa holders who overstay are subject to a fine.
  2. 2. Method of Application
    • Simply visit your local immigration office and present the required documents, which include a complete application form, a current Alien Registration Card(ARC), proof of financial support, such as an employment contract or a housing contract with a substantial amount of deposit (i.e. “jeonsae” / key money), and a fee (stamp duty) of 30,000 won.